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10 Ways eCommerce Websites Can Improve Onsite Content 2021

With so many eCommerce websites selling the same products and services, you must find a way to stand out from your competitors. Apart from exceptional website design, you must focus on creating a seamless customer experience. This means your brand is there every step of the way in your buyer’s journey. 

Thus, you must make it easy for all your website visitors to explore your pages. On top of that, entice them with killer content to ensure they drop by your shop and make purchases regularly. Remember, page views and increased site traffic are not the only goals. Instead, you want to boost conversion rates and see a solid increase in sales. In this article, learn how to improve your onsite content to ensure your customers stay loyal to your brand this year. 

1. Curate a Strong and Purposeful Content Strategy

Content is indeed king. However, you cannot just post random content whenever you feel like it. For best results, utilize a content calendar and post at least two new things per week. People love getting new and fresh information. Besides, when you frequently share new posts, it gives search engines something to crawl and index. Thus, it helps increase your SEO rankings

Now the only thing you have to worry about is curating the content. Be mindful of your purpose and always aim for materials that help your customers address their biggest problems. For example, as an eCommerce store, you can create:

  • Tips for writing an engaging blog post 
  • Interviews with industry partners
  • Infographics related to products
  • Demo videos or tutorials

2. Update and Optimize Product Images

Consider beefing up your game if you’re still using the same old photos on your eCommerce site. It is time to let go of ugly pixelated images and include photos in spaces where you have none at all. Make sure to use good-quality product images that are not too heavy on the file size for optimum website load speed. You can even show images of existing clients using the actual products. For best results, use a digital tool to compress images without sacrificing quality. Invest time taking product photos because customers are more likely to purchase a product if they have a good visual image. Additionally, you can put links to product demo videos so your clients can see them from a 360-degree angle. 

3. Make It Easy for Users to Find Content 

As an eCommerce store, you must think of your website content in the same way a brick and mortar store views its inventory. If people cannot find what shelf the products are on, they will leave. Similarly, the harder it is for customers to find what they need on your website, the more likely they will churn because they are unhappy. Thus, you must prioritize your e-store layout to create a seamless user experience that makes clients want to come back and shop. You can try the following suggestions to improve your website content this 2021: 

  • Provide a clear menu
  • Name appropriate sections
  • Include a search bar with relevant filters
  • Personalize search results based on customer interaction with the company
  • Provide a clear CTA (call to action) for every page
  • Optimize checkouts for better conversions

4. Satisfy Customers With Rewards

With so many other brands to compete with, you must be creative when it comes to satisfying your customers. Apart from the usual products and services you offer, provide some other value that delights your customers. This ensures you entice new prospects and retain existing clients. Some content ideas to help you launch a rewards program are:

  • Send emails about loyalty rewards or points after purchases that clients can redeem later. 
  • Provide follow-up thank you emails with a rewards code after they shop to show you appreciate their patronage. 
  • Try implementing a referral program that provides benefits for the old client and the new patron. 
  • Entice buyers to convert by offering a gift with purchase. 

5. Include Enticing Customer Quotes

Trust is the primary driver that will keep people coming back to your brand. You will lose customers without a good company reputation because people only patronize and support brands they trust. Thus, you must find a way to incorporate feedback from real-life people into your site. 

When you include customer feedback quotes, you show proof from real-life people who vouch that you are a legit brand. It is a great way to build more trust and at the same time, it entices more sales. For example, you can try adding the following content to your site:

  • A rating section
  • Client testimonial page
  • Real-life pictures
  • Video testimonials

6. Find a Way to Surprise Online Shoppers

Who doesn’t like surprises? Creating a surprise not only captures attention, but also creates a lasting impact. You can utilize your content to craft amazing surprises during your buyer’s journey. This approach will go a long way in enhancing your customer’s experience. For example, apart from including fast tags that show 2-day shipping, you can throw in a free item during the check-out process. You can also surprise them with discounts, reward points, early access to sales, and more!

Alternatively, you can use the same surprise strategy for abandoned shopping carts. Instead of sending the standard “we miss you and your cart is waiting” email, why not send them prompts with an inviting surprise? Provide an incentive that will motivate your customers to return to their cart and finalize their purchases. 

7. Share Content with a Solid Community on Facebook

Apart from your email subscribers, you can build a community on social media sites like Facebook if you want to drive more attention to your website. Today, billions of people have a Facebook profile which they check throughout the day. If you fail to take advantage of this platform, you will definitely lose out on opportunities.

Remember, whatever website link you share on your feed only gets shown to a certain percentage of your followers (as per the unique FB algorithm). However, creating a community within a Facebook group means community members will see all your posts. Besides, a group of loyal fans will help represent your brand and spread the word about your products and services. You can encourage them to leave reviews, post ratings, and share product posts to show support for your brand — this fosters a great environment for collecting feedback, getting new product ideas based on paidn points, and more. 

8. Amplify Communication on Social Media for Content Optimization

Apart from Facebook, you must stay visible on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. Make sure that all your social media badges stay prominent on your website. Social media is a game-changer that allows you to share your content, which in turn expands your brand’s reach, generates more leads, and increases sales. 

If you cannot hire a social media manager, allot a portion of your time daily to respond to comments or messages. Customers appreciate brands that provide immediate feedback to queries and even random comments. Stay proactive and address everything, both good and bad. This exemplifies that your customers matter to you and that you care about their sentiments. This goes a long way in fostering a solid relationship with your clients.  

9. Level Up the Website with Real-Time Bots

Aside from making sure that your contact details are visible on your site or providing automated replies to your emails, you must leverage technology to make your clients happier. To illustrate, incorporating live chat on your site can help you engage with your customers in real-time. After all, your modern clients have a diminished attention span, so they want answers instantly. 

When you take advantage of chatbots, you provide a 24hour response system. They can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions and other pressing problems. This shows that your brand takes customer service seriously. Automating tasks like customer service responses will also save you a ton of time that you can spend on more important tasks.

10. Find a Way to Personalize the Customer Experience

In this new era, personalization means more than just getting personal with emails. You must find ways to personalize your buyer’s journey to provide a remarkable online shopping experience and set your brand apart from the competition.

For example, when your clients come to your eCommerce store, artificial intelligence makes it possible for you to greet them using their names. Next, based on their past purchase behavior or browsing history, you can suggest articles to read and offer product recommendations that fit their lifestyle. From there, you can also provide discounts, send follow-up messages, and offer relevant pop-ups that proactively engage with your customers. 

Stay on top of your game this year by utilizing unique content strategies that will help you outsmart your eCommerce competition. In addition, you can surely achieve your goals by ensuring you always provide a top-notch customer experience on your website. Don’t lag behind- start working on your content strategy today!

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