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How to Get Ahead this Holiday Season: Deliverr Helps Merchants Unlock 9 More Days of Sales

Holiday shopping is in full swing, which means it’s time to get serious about sales deadlines to ensure on-time delivery for your buyers. With fears of delivery delays and supply chain snags, consumers are more apprehensive about making purchases in time for the holidays. While many shoppers have gotten a head start, there is still a large percentage who will rely on last-minute purchases in order to check every gift off their list. Rest assured, by leaving the shipping in Deliverr’s hands your customers can continue to make online purchases well into December without worrying about delivery delays. 

Shipping Uncertainties? The Answer is to Stop Selling

High holiday shipping volumes, weather, and labor shortages are just some of the stressors merchants fear when trying to guarantee on-time shipping to customers. There is a delicate balance when it comes to online sales: Merchants want to take advantage of the high sales associated with peak shopping season, but they also want to guarantee on-time delivery in an era where carriers can be unreliable. 

While many aspects of the holiday shopping rush can be planned for, shipping just isn’t one of them. So what is a retailer to do? Stop selling. Early. That’s right, the only way to make sure to not disappoint customers is to cut back sales to ensure the product has adequate time to be delivered. 

Based on last year’s shipping performance from carriers, December 12th was the safest last day to stop selling while still promising a December 24th delivery. Being forced to stop sales midway through the holiday shopping rush is not only a disappointment for customers, but also a huge loss for the retailer. While 12 precious days of lost sales is less than ideal, it’s actually a much greater loss considering that 11-12 days of peak season sales is equal to about 1 month of regular season sales (read that again and let it sink in!).

In order to capitalize on these critical shopping delays, merchants need to align themselves with a network that can offer fast fulfillment even through the chaos of peak holiday shopping.  

Trouble Managing Shipping Expectations? Localize Inventory

Of course, you can’t control shipping, but is there a way to manage it? The answer lies in keeping your inventory strategically positioned for optimal delivery. Localized inventory results in more on-time deliveries because this places your supply close to your customers (which Deliverr can do for you automatically). 

Not only can you ensure prompt delivery, but offering next-day delivery on items is a huge bonus. Fewer retailers are capable of this luxury as the days close in on the December 24 deadline. Keeping customers happy with on-time delivery depends on your ability to forecast and make products available to be shipped from strategically based facilities. Of course, this starts with placing your inventory close to demand, before that demand happens, so be sure to send in your inventory sooner than later. 

How Deliverr Can Help Merchants Sell More

As we mentioned earlier, merchants often lose up to 12 days of sales during the holidays because they lack fast shipping, but because Deliverr places your inventory close to the demand, you get back 9 of those 12 days! Having products ready to ship at closer proximity allows for less travel, quicker delivery, and less opportunity for delay. Traditional shipping methods can’t account for the unforeseen failures and delays associated when shipping over long distances.  

Deliverr ensures that your product is strategically located to make the process smoother, with less roadblocks along the way. By becoming less dependent on unreliable shipping partners, you can continue to promise 1-day and 2-day delivery far beyond the previous December 12 deadline. 

The best part? Not only are you unlocking 9 more days of sales, but you’re getting those additional days during a time when no one else is selling online! This is great news for the 1 in 3  last-minute shoppers who choose where to buy their gift based on how soon it can be delivered. This means that your conversion rates, ad effectiveness, and CPAs are going to improve because you’ll be one of the few brands where people can still buy and reliably receive their products on time. 

By using Deliverr, your business can turn a problem into a very lucrative opportunity to allow shoppers to continue to make purchases while also offering even faster fulfillment with next-day and 2-day shipping options. All this can be accomplished by planning ahead to get your inventory strategically placed in order to get it moving faster and delivered to happy customers efficiently. 

Don’t Forget Customer Awareness

How can you get the word out to customers to keep shopping?  During this peak season, it’s important to clearly communicate the shopping deadline to your shoppers to make the most of this peak sales opportunity. Advertisements that reinforce your quick delivery capabilities will be crucial in continuing sales and making your brand more appealing to consumers. 

Be sure to take advantage of Fast Tags on Google and Facebook advertisements. These integrations within your ads highlight fast, free shipping promises. This will entice shoppers to click on the product with the knowledge that it will arrive on time. During a time when convenience is key, shoppers take advantage of online shopping, instead of dealing with the hustle and bustle of brick and mortar stores. Why go out to face the crowds when a product can be delivered within a few days? Fast shipping guarantees will set you apart from the competition, especially when many retailers will be forced to withdraw their fast fulfillment promises with the uncertainty of shipping this year.

Final Thoughts

Knowing your sales deadline and the shipping capabilities available with Deliverr’s fast fulfillment can allow you to finish strong this peak season. With that being said, make sure to get your inventory to our warehouses if you haven’t already. Ensuring your product is ready to ship to customers is key to keeping those delivery promises. 

Lastly, don’t forget: Be sure to communicate with your customers that December 21st is the last day they can order from you to honor the fast shipping promise of December 24th! 

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