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10 Effective Ways To Promote Your Etsy Shop

Are you ready to set up an Etsy shop for your small business? Sure, customizing it with proper categories, attractive product photographs, and optimized product listings is fun and interesting. But hey — that is just the start of your entrepreneurial journey. 

For consumers to buy your products, you must first promote your Etsy Shop the right way. Making it stand out amidst the 4.36 million shops on the platform is not easy, but it is not something you cannot do.

Having a properly set up Etsy store does put you on the path to success but being successful involves a lot of hard work and grit before you welcome visitors to your online store.

An effective marketing strategy based on the preferences of your target customers ensures you get optimal results. Here is a list of nine effective ways to promote your Etsy shop:

1. Leverage the power of SEO

SEO knowledge is imperative for building a successful Etsy business. You see, the Etsy search function is designed to connect consumers with the products they are searching for using two unique factors: query matching and ranking.

Be thoughtful about your shop name. If it is too whimsical, your target customers may ignore your products in search of better-defined ones. Therefore, using the right keywords effectively is essential for increasing the visibility of your shop.

When you upload photos or videos for your products, make sure to add intelligible alt tags to all, wherever possible. This not only enhances SEO but also helps everyone, including people with impaired vision to understand the context of the imagery.

Accessibility is important in eCommerce sites. You have to consider that your Etsy shop will be visited by even those who have a visual impairment or who cannot use a computer mouse, perhaps due to a physical disability.

Such shoppers will navigate through the shop with the “tab” and arrow keys, or use a screen reader. You must do your bit to ensure accessibility on your Etsy shop.

Therefore, provide sufficient contrast using colors and textures in the imagery you use in your shop. Color contrast checkers can help check for compliance. Use explicit and descriptive labels for links in your copy, so that they know what happens when clicking on the link.

Make sure every image or video you use in your shop has an alt text so that the screen-reader can figure it out for the visually impared.

Use descriptive titles for your products. Take help of an SEO tool like Ubersuggest for extracting in-depth keyword data, including appropriate words to be used in categories, tags, and titles. This will better your chances of matching your listings with consumer queries.

You can boost the SEO of your online store by updating listings, often solely to increase search visibility for more competitive keywords. Follow the same process as you would if you want to boost your Shopify store’s SEO.

Lastly, conduct thorough competitor research. Identifying your competitors and learning what works for them will help you understand what works while making sure you do not repeat their mistakes.

2. Give blogging a serious chance

Businesses that prioritize blogging are indeed 13X more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts, according to OptinMonster. But that does not mean there would be an instant surge in-store visit if you indulge in blogging.

It is a way for you to promote your Etsy shop by providing value to your target customers and establishing your authority as an authentic product creator. Therefore, research and write about topics related to your products.

Cover hot trends, nifty tips, and personal stories significant to your product. For better content quality and increased visibility of your brand, reach out to bloggers in your domain. 

Your goal through blogging should be to draw attention towards your store while offering valuable information to those interested in exploring your products. Besides writing on your blog, you can submit guest pieces on relevant external blogs.

Going back to the “art and collectibles” niche, you can start publishing easy DIY tutorials for your audience on relevant sites. Influential guest posts can drive prospects to your Etsy store. 

Threads Magazine, Handmadeology, and DIYIdeaCenter are some excellent guest blogging websites for Etsy store owners. In a nutshell, be assured of getting long-term returns from your consistent blogging initiatives.

3. Reach out to social media influencers

The rise of social media influencing has given an additional option for online marketing. Domain experts and individuals with large followings use their social media accounts to promote others’ products in exchange for compensation.

You could reach out to influencers who understand your product and know the recent social media marketing trends. Sign a contract with the influencers to ensure they stick to the terms and review your product in a positive light.

4. Newsletter marketing is a must

The ever-changing social media algorithm makes it difficult to get the right visibility for your products. The most effective marketing platform for any business is email.

You must create a mailing list that can be used to introduce new products, offer sales previews, inform about upcoming events, send custom discount coupons and even give subscribers an incentive from time-to-time.

Moreover, you can constantly keep in touch with your engaged audience and retarget them through custom messaging. Promote your newsletter on your social media and blogs, and even share a link to subscribe to it on your Etsy shop.

Use service providers such as MailChimp, SendGrid, and Aweber to design the newsletter, A/B test different subject lines, and audiences, and even schedule emails, if needed. Prioritize email marketing to get terrific returns on your investment — as high as 4400%.

Send newsletters either on a weekly or fortnightly basis to all prospects. Keep the tone conversational to ensure your audience reads your email and enthusiastically purchases products from your Etsy Store. Keep growing your mailing list to engage your audience!

5. Create a free resource that features industry experts 

The fastest way to get people to link to your Etsy shop is by featuring them. You can create a valuable guide for your customers while earning backlinks for your shop.

For instance, if you sell handmade jewelry in your store, you can create a handbook on different ways to dress up on specific occasions.

Collaborate with various industry experts and influencers and include their input on that topic. You can leverage their area of expertise and talk more about their opinion on the current trends and their favorite jewelry. Compile their views and create a guide featuring them.

This is a great way to generate backlinks for your website. Ensure they own a website, and you can request each of the experts to provide you with a link to their website. If you need help in creating a resource, you can always reach out to a freelance content writer or agency.

6. Host free promotions across the web

Build your online presence through social media, product galleries, guest posts, interviews, and other content promotion strategies. You can drive more sales by establishing an identity for your brand and driving traffic to your store.

For starters, list your Etsy business for free on online product directories. For instance, if your business niche is “art and collectibles” or “craft supplies and tools,” then use directories such as craftjuice, The Craft Booth, or Best of Handmade.

Similarly, depending on your domain, look for high-authority websites where you can get your products featured. Websites such as Sewing Society, Heart Handmade, Craft Roulette, and Hometalk are brilliant for the niche we discussed above.

7. Build an Etsy affiliate network

If you want to drive sales for your business, you have to attract target customers to your shop. That is the most obvious step. Research shows 88% of consumers trust personal recommendations and online reviews when shopping online.

One of the most efficient ways to leverage that is through Etsy’s Affiliate Programme. It allows other Etsy sellers to promote your shop in their stores and earn a percentage of revenue you make on qualifying a sale.

Affiliate marketing has proved beneficial to build a positive brand identity and attract prospects to business websites. You can leverage this referral solution and form a pact with fellow Etsy sellers to promote each other’s shops.

Since a registered Etsy shop owner will recommend your products on their platform, it will help build trust and increase your business awareness. Subsequently, the quality of leads will be better, ensuring higher conversion rates.

8. Use the Etsy promoted listing feature

Ecommerce sites leverage the power of AI to improve product discovery by pulling the most relevant products from the catalog for a specific user. This is an excellent way to engage more with potential customers and drive sales.

You might not have this liberty at Etsy. Instead, if you are looking for something where you do not have to spend your effort or money unnecessarily, use Etsy’s promoted listing service. Yes, it is a paid functionality. But for a budget as low as $1 every day, you can begin promoting select products.

The ad will be recommended to consumers searching for relevant products. Plus, it also helps you get on earlier search pages and in prime locations for increased visibility. If your budget is limited, set the maximum cost per click.

9. Re-list your items

Once you get the hang of tip #9, use the Etsy re-listing features in your favor. Alongside the visibility of your products on SERPs, you can use Etsy to push the recently listed items of a shop.

Leverage the Auto-Renewal Tool by Etsy to get your items rank on the top of a search page. In case other shops are selling the same things, their listings will be pushed down.

You must pay $0.20 for every re-listing. Proper tagging of your item is necessary, and remember to add the most-searched keywords to ensure you get the best while using the Auto-Renew feature by Etsy. This site explains the process step-by-step.

Wrapping it up

Now that you have read this far, please note that not every tip will work for your Etsy shop. Its success depends on your products and niche. Therefore, blend the best options from our list of ways to promote your business. Try to see what works for your Etsy shop and create a combination of the best techniques. Good luck!


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Lucy Manole is a creative content writer and strategist at Marketing Digest. She specializes in writing about digital marketing, technology, entrepreneurship, and education. When she is not writing or editing, she spends time reading books, cooking and traveling.

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