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How VVandr saved $660,000 of sales with FBM and Deliverr

VVandr, under GTTFP Holdings, sells oral thermometers on Amazon. As you can imagine during COVID-19, their sales volume shot up drastically. In fact, sales across the entire health category were up by more than 50% in March.

However, VVandr was affected by changes in Fulfillment by Amazon. As a result, they switched over to Fulfillment by Merchant through Deliverr.

Recap: What happened to FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon has been one of the fastest, most affordable ways for Amazon sellers to fulfill their orders. This was the case so reliably, and for so long, that many Amazon sellers were using FBA as a primary fulfillment method without any backups. However, in March, this system was flipped on its head when Amazon restricted inbounds and extended delivery timelines to as long as one month.

This created a few different problems for merchants who were relying on Amazon and FBA to run their business:

  • Drop in conversions as shoppers filter for faster options
  • Lower chances of winning the buy box on slow FBA delivery times
  • Less traffic as shoppers move to other marketplaces or buy directly from brand websites
  • Risk of going out of stock due to the inability to restock quickly

Luckily, merchants still had the option of fulfilling orders through Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). We saw many affected sellers make the switch from FBA to FBM to save their sales. FBM even had a higher chance of winning the buy box!

Read more about the disruption here, and how Deliverr has helped Amazon sellers with FBM instead.

$660,000+: The value of fast delivery for VVandr

“Since our SKUs are essentials, its unique selling proposition (USP) is all about fast/free shipping. We thus needed a shipping solution capable of providing unconditional 2-3 delivery.” – Eli Ostreicher, Founder & CEO

We spoke with VVandr Founder and CEO, Eli Ostreicher, to hear his story.

Before Deliverr, VVandr fulfilled their products through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). At the end of March they started fulfilling with Deliverr instead, drawn in by our platform simplicity and fast tags.

Being able to get medical items to your buyers as quickly as possible is a competitive advantage that paid off for VVandr. They highlight their 2-day delivery promise across their listings, and were able to grow sales thanks to this urgency.

“Despite the COVID-19 chaos, in the month of April 2020, Deliverr has shipped and delivered ‘on-time’ over 20,000 of our orders. In figures: $600,000 in sales which if not for Deliverr would not have happened.” – Eli Ostreicher, Founder & CEO

Update: Make that $660,000. After everything was accounted for, Eli shared their amazing sales from late March to mid May.

Offering fast delivery everywhere they sell

In addition to their Amazon storefront, VVandr uses Deliverr to offer fast deliveries to their buyers on other platforms, such as their Shopify store.

VVandr’s regular service level promise is delivery in 2-3 business days, but since they fulfill with Deliverr, their listings also get free NextDay Delivery for shoppers in certain areas.

The Deliverr experience

According to Eli, their favorite part of working with Deliverr is their account manager Damian Sandenberg.

VVandr uses Deliverr with our ChannelAdvisor integration.

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