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How TeeHeeSocks grew their Walmart Marketplace sales 30% and reached $1.9M ARR with 2-day delivery

TeeHeeSocks is based in Southern California and was founded in 2002. They sell fun, fashion, sport, and medical socks.

TeeHeeSocks uses Deliverr to fulfill their Walmart orders, so we spoke to Manager Gary Alvarez to learn about his experience with Deliverr, the effects of fast shipping on conversions, and overall growth.

Too good to be true?

“When Deliverr initially reached out, we were doubtful because it seemed a little too good to be true. The rates are affordable, and there weren’t any hidden fees; the platform was also very easy to use. The 2-day delivery tags for our listings also definitely helped!” – TeeHeeSocks Manager Gary Alvarez

Before Deliverr, TeeHeeSocks fulfilled their orders using their own crew at a warehouse. According to Gary, they worked all day to fulfill demand for their marketplace orders.

Today, attracted by the ease of access, price transparency, and time savings, TeeHeeSocks uses Deliverr for their marketplace orders. This enables their team to focus on their business, instead of fulfillment.

30% sales increase and $1.9M ARR with 2-day delivery

“We saw about a 30% increase in order volume when we first started with 2-day delivery. And the sales over Black Friday and Cyber Monday blew us out of the water, which is incredible considering the only substantial change we made was beginning to work with Deliverr.” – TeeHeeSocks Manager Gary Alvarez

TeeHeeSocks saw a 30% increase when they initially turned on 2-day delivery tags and started working with Deliverr. According to Gary, their sales before fast shipping fell short compared to today, and although it was still a decent amount of orders, they struggled to fulfill them all in a timely and quality manner.

At an estimated $12 per order, TeeHeeSocks was at a $850,000+ annual run rate in November, and they’re on track for a $1.9M ARR based on their sales this December.

300% holiday boost

Over the holiday season, their sales rose approximately 300% when looking at week-over-week growth.

Thanks to increased traffic from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, rising holiday purchases, and their excellent customer service, TeeHeeSocks made almost 3x the number of sales, comparing the week before Black Friday to the week after.

The Deliverr experience

“We’re looking forward to a bright and fruitful working relationship with Deliverr.” – TeeHeeSocks Manager Gary Alvarez

TeeHeeSocks likes working with Deliverr for our  “easy channel integration and excellent prices on shipping,” said Gary, “We love that it’s user-friendly and that we get the 2-day tag on our listings across marketplaces.”

TeeHeeSocks uses our GeekSeller integration.

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