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The top Shopify tools for sellers to check out in 2021

Ever tried to manually set up retargeting emails or promotions for your own online store? If you have, you’ll know that while this hassle saves you a few dollars in the short run, time is of the essence in the eCommerce world.

The difference between the average merchant and superstars is knowing the difference between staying lean and looking for outsourced tools. The former gets you a start, but the latter unlocks a world of scale as you save time, money, and resources in the long-term.

This year, we did some research and shared discussions with the companies themselves to screen for the top Shopify integrations for SMS marketing, returns, cart abandonment, and so much more!

We’re thrilled to release a 2021 top Shopify integrations list to add to your eCommerce stack. Find out why we chose them to make your website unstoppable:


Specialty: Cart abandonment campaigns

Why we chose Cartstack: Deliverr found the value proposition of Cartstack intriguing: drive new sales without driving more traffic. What does that mean? CartStack combines the power of automated emails, SMS texts and push notifications to bring lost customers back to your site to complete their purchase. In other words, Cartstack makes sure that you are targeting relatively high-intent buyers with promotions, without encouraging you to spend more ad dollars and pay for newer, colder leads.

We think you’ll find the drag-and-drop style email creator as simple and informative as we did — as you start decreasing cart abandonment rates and supercharging repeat visitors.

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Specialty: Photo reviews, loyalty programs, referrals

Why we chose Growave: Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses reach, engage, and convert their customers. Specializing in small-to-medium-sized businesses, the multi-functional app caught our eye because it is a highly cost-effective platform, while aiming to boost online store conversions and sales. Included in its suite is a variety of tools, such as reviews, wishlists, Q&A, loyalty and rewards, social login, Instagram galleries, and more.

When you utilize Growave’s suite of word-of-mouth marketing tools, you’ll be empowered to build engagement and increase customer retention.

Growave also has a Shopify Plus integration for bigger brands.

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Happy Returns

Specialty: Returns and reverse-logistics

Why we chose Happy Returns: Ever asked us if we offer returns? While Deliverr does not at this time, look no further than Happy Returns’ software and reverse logistics — the industry’s only comprehensive returns solution. 

In addition to providing a world-class, branded online returns portal, Happy Returns’ “Return Bar” network of over 2500 Return Bars nationwide allows shoppers to easily exchange and return without printing, packaging, or person-to-person contact. The experience lasts under 60 seconds, and shoppers receive refunds immediately. The company also conducts in-person return drop-off services. 

All items bulk-ship inside eco-friendly, reusable boxes—leveraging low carrier rates and aggregated shipping for economies of scale—to regional return hubs, where they are sorted, dispositioned, and processed. Customers using Happy Returns’ full offering save an average of 21% on returns costs, with 10% savings guaranteed. 

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Specialty: Visitor conversions, lead capture

Why we chose Justuno: A Shopify partner since 2017, Justuno’s AI visitor conversion platform is known for its intelligent lead capture, smart product recommendations, upselling and cross-selling, personalized messaging, and insights that turn clicks into customers. The CRO suite accomplishes this through advanced targeting rules and over 95 partner integrations from Shopify to Klaviyo to SMSbump.

These insights are possible through Justuno’s impressive data aggregator that tracks billions of data points every second, creating detailed profiles for each unique visitor. 188,000 brands and counting currently utilize Justuno.

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Octane AI

Specialty: Shopping quizzes, messenger and SMS automation

Why we chose Octane AI: If you’ve ever seen one of those fun shopping quizzes that recommend products based on your preferences — Octane AI may have been the creator behind it! This personalization platform is knowing for gamifying the shopping experience, while also boosting sales, retention, and brand loyalty.

Other than quizzes, Octane AI also specializes in data collection,  personalized Facebook Messenger and SMS automation.

The platform is currently utilized by thousands of Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants, including GoPro, Proactiv, Warner Music Group and more to communicate with their buyers in creative ways.  

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Specialty: Email marketing automation

Why we chose Omnisend: Omnisend is currently topping the Shopify App Store and Big Commerce App Store ranks, or and is the only tool on the market that offers omnichannel marketing automation through SMS, email channels and more.  If you’re a mid-market enterprise or enterprise business, you’ll want to look into Omnisend.

Omnisend has a powerful offerings suite: email campaigns, automation, segmentation, pop up and form, reports, and channel combination abilities. Through powerful and actionable data, this all-in-one eCommerce platform can help you reach more customers in smarter ways on more channels.

It’s perfect for eCommerce marketers that are ready to graduate from their generic email marketing tools! Get started below for a 14-day trial of the Pro Plan for free for 15,000 emails per month and signup forms for free.

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Specialty: Messenger automation, brand promotion tool

Why we chose Recart:

How would you feel if you got conversational, creative, and relevant messages that go directly into your Messenger inbox and feels personal at the same time?

Recart is a powerful tool to send brand promotions at scale, whether it’s VIP access, product launch, flash sales, or other brand promotions, they’ll help you spread the word of your brand. Through their one-tap popup and dozens of top-tier integrations, you can grow your email, SMS, and Messenger lists 20x faster&cheaper, and send automated, personalized, conversational messages across the entire customer journey with 90% open, 25%+ click rates.

If you’re a mid-market business owner or an innovative marketer you’ll want to look into Recart. Get a Messenger Setup with complete onboarding for free (800$) and join 13k innovative brands who are making it big with Recart.

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Specialty: Gift cards and store credits

Why we chose caught our attention as a great solution for building and retaining customer loyalty, designed to manage the entire re-engagement cycle with gift cards, loyalty cards, rewards, and refunds. The process is without codes or points, but rather utilizes a one-click credit redemption button at checkout — it’s also seamless: you can create gift cards in bulk and sell them via social media channels.

The loyalty platform integrates seamlessly with Shopify Plus, helping brands engage with customers throughout their entire life cycle, inspiring customer loyalty, and increasing customer lifetime value. 

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Specialty: Loyalty programs 

Why we chose Want to offer points to encourage average order value and supercharge brand loyalty? is the world’s largest loyalty platform, providing easy-to-use reward programs that help growing eCommerce brands transform one-time sales into repeat, loyal customers.

Over 40,000 brands use Smile points, referral, and VIP programs to maximize their acquisition efforts and turn transactional purchases into passionate brand advocates that can’t help but come back again and again.

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Specialty: Automated order, shipping and re-marketing emails 

Why we chose Spently: We are fans of Spently, because they’re purpose-built for Shopify and works with your most opened emails, your store notifications or transactional emails including order confirmation, shipping updates, abandoned checkout, repeat purchases and more.

Also with Spently, you can create personalized discount codes and recommended products to get shoppers back to your store. Not everyone opts in to receive email marketing or even stays subscribed, but Spently ensures that the emails you know they will open are geared to give your customers a seamless, compelling experience.

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