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How to optimize your listings on Wish

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If you’re an eCommerce seller, you should be on Wish. With a popular desktop version of their marketplace and the most downloaded shopping app, it’s a great place to build a brand, reach consumers, and generate sales.

Recently, Deliverr partnered with Wish to offer merchants another way to fulfill Wish Express orders, a fast shipping promise on Wish that guarantees buyers expedited delivery for their orders.

To help Deliverr merchants optimize their listings and get the most out of their Wish accounts, we’ve worked with the Wish team to compile a few key tips.

Wish listing optimization tips

Set up your configuration correctly

Remember to connect the Deliverr-Wish accounts.

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to the Channels tab
  3. Select Add New Channel
  4. Select Wish and “Connect to Wish”

Make sure you’re logged into both Wish and Deliverr on separate tabs.

Read more about this in our support center article.

Stay in stock

Staying in stock is critical to making sales. Be sure to add sufficient inventory per SKU to avoid stock-outs, especially on popular products.

Highlight your discounts

If your price on Wish is lower than the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price), be sure to add the MSRP to your listing. Your tile image on Wish will then highlight the percentage of your discount to shoppers.

Learn more and follow guidelines in this FAQ.

Price competitively

Wish is known as a value marketplace with great deals. Sellers are advised to price competitively on Wish, since consumers will likely comparison shop across multiple online marketplaces/platforms.

Get great images

Wish is a mobile-first eCommerce marketplace, so product images are important for capturing interest and encouraging sales. You want your images to be clear, informative, and attractive. Make sure the main image stands out, since it’s the best one in terms of conversion.

Use Wish Express

Wish Express is Wish’s expedited shipping program. Be sure to enroll your products in Wish Express to get the orange badging, higher placement in search results, and access to the Wish Express tab that features fast shipping items.

Deliverr merchants get pre-approved access to Wish Express. You must allocate inventory to Deliverr to be able to offer 2-day delivery.

Read more about how to enable Wish Express and its benefits.

Tip: International merchants who use Deliverr to fulfill Wish orders also get a United States flag designating an item ships from within the USA on it.

Use the Wish Brand Registry

Wish has a strict policy against any counterfeit goods. The Wish Brand Registry is a way you can register your unique brands to protect yourself against any copycats.

If your products aren’t already listed, add them to the Wish Brand Registry and then brand tag your products accordingly. In the event of any counterfeit issues, you can then submit takedown requests and help get them removed.

Utilize Wish ads

Use ProductBoost, the advertising technology within Wish, to receive impressions. You can use ProductBoost to bid on certain keywords, get more visibility in relevant search results, and set your own budgets.

You can read more about ProductBoost here.

Enroll in Wish Returns

Wish has a return program where you can get items back before they are refunded. Just enroll products into the Wish Returns program, so that in the event of a refund, customers are required to return the product to your returns warehouse before their refund is processed.

This is key for high-price or unique items.

Read more about Wish returns here.

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