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10 eBay listing optimization best practices

Once you’ve set up your eBay seller account, it’ll be time to list products for sale. How well you do this can make or break your business, as it’ll help drive your conversion rates based on how you handle the many components of a good listing.

An eBay listing is so much more than a title, photo, and description. Doing the bare minimum will get you just that many sales at best, so lets make sure you’re set up for success when it comes to listing.

There are a few things your listing needs to do. In addition to attracting shoppers, it needs to win over eBay’s search result algorithm and encourage a conversion. Effective eBay listing optimization will go beyond getting higher search ranking and encourage potential buyers to complete a purchase.

Well written descriptions, fast shipping tags, and product identifiers are just some of the ways to bring shoppers to your listings. Here are our best tips for optimizing your eBay listings to help increase conversions and improve your sales ranking.

10 Ways to optimize your eBay listing

To give you an example of a good eBay listing, lets look at Nutriflair and how they’ve set up their eBay listing.

1) Start with a strong title

Your title is the first glimpse potential buyers get at your product, and first impressions matter.

The eBay product listing allows you to use up to 80 characters for titles, so take advantage of that space. Your title gives you the opportunity to attract customers quickly upon first glance. It almost goes without saying that keywords are integral in a strong title.

Whenever possible, use 2-3 keywords in your title, such as a brand name, the color of the product, product attributes or qualities, and the condition.

Nutriflair points out their brand, the product specifications, and quantity/serving size in their title, helping shoppers find the exact product they’re looking for, quickly.

Hot tip: Use terms such as “NWT” (new with tags) or GUC (good used condition) in your title to help capture shoppers’ attention as they skim their search results. Depending on what kind of items you sell, you can convey trust by using terms including “original” or “genuine” at the start of your title as reassurance to shoppers.

Always try to include attributes that best describe the quality and build of your product.

2) When possible, include a subtitle

Some types of product listings will allow you to add a subtitle (up to 55 charaters) for an added fee. Subtitles can help increase buyer interest in your products while also giving you extra space to call out important features about the items you are selling. Subtitles are displayed when users search using Advanced Search.

Nutriflair enhances their already-descriptive title with a subtitle highlighting added benefits, such as the Certified Organic accolade.

A subtitle provides you with the opportunity to further call out the most appealing attributes of your product at a glance. You can maximize the potential of subtitles by listing information that won’t fit in the title, additional keywords, and item specifics.

You can also add other benefits like seasonable promotions, savings against recommended retail prices, free delivery offers, or another promotional activity explained in detail within your product description.

3) Add eBay Fast ‘N Free tags

eBay Fast ‘N Free is eBay’s fast shipping program, signifying an item has expedited delivery at no extra cost. Not only does this key differentiator make your listing more competitive, it also helps convert with the guaranteed delivery date and countdown timer to create a sense of urgency. Listings that have the Fast ‘N Free tag also get more search prominence and filter inclusion when shoppers search only for fast shipping items.

We’ve seen sales spikes of up to 112% when merchants activate the eBay Fast ‘N Free tags on their listings. Learn more about their program requirements to see how you can qualify for eBay’s fast shipping badge.

Tip: Deliverr merchants are automatically eligible for eBay Fast ‘N Free when you use Deliverr to fulfill your eBay orders.

4) Include clear, high-quality images

eBay allows you to have up to 12 photos per listing for free, which means you can showcase your product from any angle, clearly document any defects or issues with your item’s condition, and give shoppers the best possible view of your item.

Photos should be of good quality and measure a minimum of 500 pixels in length on the longest side. Make sure your photos are clear, well-lit, and are void of any clutter. Borders, texts, and artwork is not allowed on the photos in your posting and you must own the copyright to any photo you are using. If you’re not able to snap a photo yourself, you must use copyright-free imagery. Stock photos aren’t allowed on listings unless they are from the eBay product catalog.

In their image roll, Nutriflair uses the opportunity to highlight even more product specs for their item. This provides shoppers with additional nutrition information at a glance.

High-quality photos will help you showcase your product in the best possible light and increase the likelihood of making a sale. Here are some tips for taking the best photos you can:

  • Use a tripod or sturdy surface to avoid blur
  • Skip the flash (make sure the space is well-lit and turn off flash)
  • Capture high-resolution photos by adjusting your camera’s setting
  • Fill the photo frame with your item
  • Capture every angle
  • When applicable, show the scale of your item next to another, like a ruler or coin
  • Don’t use filters or adjustments
  • Zoom in to highlight details
  • Keep the backdrop plain and clutter-free

5) Include alt tags for images in your item description

Adding alt tags to images can feel like an annoying extra step but it’s worth the effort thanks to SEO benefits and listing accessibility.

Alt tags or alt descriptions are written content that appear in place of an image on a web page if the image fails to load for any reason. They’re especially useful in instances where a customer has a slow connection or, perhaps, is visually impaired and relies on assistive technology.

You can see the alt text of Nutriflair’s images by hovering over them, ensuring that even if images don’t load or if someone can’t see them, they’ll know what’s being shown.

When writing alt text, don’t turn it into keyword soup. Alt text should be descriptive, not keyword rich, and specifically describe what’s shown in your images.

6) Identify keywords to include in your title and item description

When you begin creating your product listing, it can be helpful to spend some time identifying the keywords associated with the item you’re selling and writing them all down. Once you’ve created a list of keywords, identify the 3-5 most important keywords and include these words in your product title and description.

For example, if you’re selling a pair of women’s black/skylight Asics® Gel Nimbus 21 running shoes in a size 8.5 US, your keywords might include: “Asics” “Gel Nimbus 21” “Black” “Women’s” “running” “running shoes” “sneakers” “size 8.5”.

Your most important keywords may be “Asics” “Gel Nimbus 21” “Women’s” “8.5”, and so your title could be “New In Box: Women’s Asics Gel Nimbus 21 Running Shoes Size 8.5”, which uses 62 of 80 possible characters for your title.

For Nutriflair, some of the keywords that stand out are “natural,” “organic,” “ceylon,” and “cinnamon.” Take a look at how they’re represented clearly and concisely in the description.

7) Find the sweet spot of content for your description

If you’re using a standard description, you don’t want to add too much or too little content. Long, plain descriptions that are full of text blocks can be tedious for buyers, while short descriptions that don’t provide enough detail can leave unanswered questions.

Your item description should clearly demonstrate the key benefits or attributes of your product: brand name, size, color, condition, and answer any questions your shoppers could have.

An even more advanced tip is to use an enhanced description, which is what Nutriflair does. More on that in the tip below.

8) Use a template to create an enhanced description

Merchants can use eBay templates to build out a mini-one page website on eBay. This allows them to provide a comprehensive, well-designed, and engaging description using images, formatting, and more.

Nutriflair uses their description template to go over their key value points, then showcase images that highlight benefits. They added a certified organic seal to show their accolades, and mentions in their description that shipping is free in the lower 48 states.

9) Use product identifiers and item specifics

This step isn’t always required, but it’s still good practice. When it comes to making your product listing the best it can be, specificity is a game-changer.

By including every specification you can through including product identifiers and qualifiers, you actually make it more likely that customers will find your product listings. This can include typing out the various colors or sizes your item comes in, including size-type qualification (men’s, women’s, children’s, etc.), different uses, and words that might be associated with your item.

Nutriflair includes item specifics and all the additional technical information they have, so that when someone searches for their exact product it’ll show up easily.

10) Invest in customer satisfaction and collect reviews

Finally, invest in an A+ customer experience. Not only is this good for building loyalty and repeat purchases, it also helps you boost your reviews.

Reviews appear right at the top of your listing alongside your title, making a good impact on your visitors right away. Nutriflair’s reviews also show up under their description, for shoppers who want to take a closer look at the product and other customers’ experiences with it.

Tip: Take a look at the different review tools you can use, and other ways to get reviews on eBay.

And those were our 10 tips for optimizing your eBay listings! Hope it helps you, and happy selling.

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