Deliverr joins Shopify 🚀 Building the world’s most merchant-centric logistics solution

Discover new Logistics Services superpowers at Retail Innovation, Booth #1717 on May 11-12, 2022

Every year, thousands of people from some of the world’s most successful brands come together a few times a year to understand how their peers and competitors are innovating — and in a couple of weeks, the setting will be Retail Innovation 2022 in Chicago.

Will we see you there? (Booth #1717, right in the middle of the hall)

Our team can’t wait to see many of our brands in-person again and meet new people figuring out how to exceed skyrocketing consumer expectations. It certainly hasn’t gotten any easier since we were at this event virtually in the past. The fulfillment and logistics landscape is as fragmented as ever. There are more vendors and partners to deal with than ever. And it’s still really tough to get your inventory where it needs to be quickly and cost-effectively.

So that’s why we’re looking forward to the meeting of minds at Retail Innovation to help us understand how our Deliverr Freight, Reserve Storage, and Prep logistics services can help brands thrive in this tough environment.

Come see how the most innovative companies make fulfillment and logistics a revenue driver

Let’s consider your current logistics infrastructure. Any chance you’ve wondered:

  • Could I save on my drayage and transloading?
  • How can I position my inventory as close to my demand as possible, cost-effectively?
  • Am I getting the most cost-effective rates for my LTL shipments?
  • Is it really necessary to deal with so many vendors and logistics partners, and all their different rates and invoicing and account management?
  • What if I need my inventory prepared in a certain way to meet seller expectations? I can’t really do that for multiple channels without shipping my inventory all over the place, can I?

With our team’s extensive experience in the logistics space, we get it. Together with our merchants, we’ve been building a super-fast fulfillment network, and developing the kinds of logistics services merchants actually want and need.

Our services are priced, organized, and scoped so they simply work with your existing logistics infrastructure. You pay as you go, and add building blocks as you grow.

Merchants like Ritual Beverage Company have been adding to their infrastructure, one logistics superpower at a time. Says Dave DiLoreto, Ritual Beverage’s Chief Operating Officer:

​​Deliverr has been instrumental in driving our eCommerce business with its seamless Shopify integration, talented team of tech professionals, and excellent customer service. We view them as an essential business partner, rather than a basic service provider.

As we continue our growth trajectory, we’re very excited to bring all processes under one roof, including Prep and Reserve Storage; it will save us the headache of managing multiple providers, not to mention reduce our costs!” – Dave DiLoreto, Chief Operating Officer, Ritual Beverage Company

Any part of your logistics infrastructure not feeling like a superpower? Let’s chat at Booth #1717 or remotely

We hope to see you in Chicago at Booth #1717! If you’re not attending Retail Innovation this year, we encourage you to still check out our Logistics Services and see if what works for Shoe Carnival, Ritual Beverage Company, BestSelf and more of our brands will superpower any part of your logistics infrastructure.

Learn more about Deliverr Logistics Services at Retail Innovation 2022 or here:


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