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The top 2 reasons for eCommerce cart abandonment and how to resolve them

Customers are dealing with too many retail nightmares, but shipping doesn’t have to be one of them. Customer-feedback platform Usabilla surveyed 2,000 U.S. retail shoppers and found that the top cause (58%) for cart abandonment is high shipping costs, with an additional 8% (66%) who consider fast delivery as the most influential factor in eCommerce cart abandonment.

The simplest cart abandonment solution? Get your shipping costs and delivery costs down perfectly.

Reduce shipping costs to fix cart abandonment

Now that Amazon Prime has dominated what the average consumer perceives as “affordable shipping” (ie. free), sellers on other platforms must work especially hard to keep up and reduce their eCommerce shipping costs.

Usabilla isn’t the only one who found that shipping costs contribute to high cart abandonment in eCommerce. Statista also found that 56% of shoppers abandon their carts due to unexpected shipping costs. In 2016 and 2017, expensive shipping costs accounted for shopping cart abandonment 63 and 54% of the time, respectively.

How to reduce shipping costs;

  1. Include shipping costs with your product price. Deliverr provides standard flat rates for fulfillment competitive with Amazon, allowing you to reduce costs and forecast shipping expenses to adjust pricing.
  2. Use a 3PL that will work with your budget. This may be tough to find, but if you do your research you may be able to find a reliable fulfillment provider with great prices. However, be careful not to sacrifice speed for cost, which brings us to our next point.
  3. For orders on Amazon, look into Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Amazon has competitive fulfillment rates for items sold on their marketplace. However, the best rates are only available to sellers on the Amazon platform. If you want to sell on your own store, or another marketplace like eBay, their rates are considerably higher.

Speed up delivery times to fix cart abandonment

According to the same Usabilla report, 17% of customers reported they would never return to an online store if there was a shipping or delivery error that delayed product arrival. Losing almost 1/5th of customers who have already made a purchase and proven their buy-in is not only bad for your retention rates, it can result in poor reviews.

With 44% of shoppers reporting peer product reviews are the most helpful resource when making a purchase, getting negative reviews could alienate almost half of your potential customers. The next most helpful resource are online customer service representatives, but they trail behind with only 25% of respondents saying they are valuable.

Getting on fast shipping programs early can help you stay ahead of the competition and get more visibility across marketplaces.


Deliverr integrates directly into fast shipping programs for seamless, reliable, and quick eCommerce fulfillment


Here’s how to speed up your eCommerce fulfillment.

  1. Work with a multi-channel fulfillment company that guarantees speed. This is the best option for most multi-channel sellers, since one entity will be responsible for every step of the fulfillment process. It’ll keep your deliveries cohesive, streamlined, and reduce errors along the chain. Using a full-service fulfillment company like FBA or Deliverr will help you get on programs like Amazon Prime and eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD). Deliverr integrates directly into eGD for reliable, hassle-free delivery and access to fast shipping tags on eBay.
  2. Use prep warehouses that are close to your inventory. If you can get your items to your warehouse quickly, you can jumpstart the prep and shipping process immediately, without waiting for slow cargo providers.

Without affordable shipping costs, you may get interest, but you’ll lose the conversions. Once you provide affordable shipping, reliable fast delivery should be your main priority. Without it, even your current customers who have already converted run the risk of never making a repeat purchase, or even damaging your store or brand’s online reputation with negative reviews.

Your strategy must provide both fast and affordable shipping in order to reduce cart abandonment rates successfully.

Bottom line: Always include a free shipping option, with a reasonable delivery time (ie. within a week).

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