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How Equinox International reached 4-figures daily and a 900% sales increase with minimal effort

Equinox International is a leading eCommerce brand providing home and kitchen items across multiple marketplaces. They develop innovative products that belong in every household. They’re continuously improving their products with customer feedback, and their items are in more than 2,000,000 households worldwide.

Equinox was listed as the 111th fastest growing company in USA in the 2018 INC. 5000 and the 10th fastest growing company in New York, listed by Crain’s New York Fast 50.

We spoke with Hamza Ramzan, sales and marketing specialist at Equinox International Inc. to see how working with Deliverr and activating Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping has affected their business.

Why Deliverr?

Before Deliverr, Equinox was fulfilling Walmart orders from their warehouse, which was time consuming and labor intensive. They had already built a great business with a following on Amazon, and needed a way to supercharge their Walmart business to match.

Equinox was first attracted to Deliverr for convenience. Since we integrate directly into Walmart, it was easy to send inventory and offload their Walmart fulfillment, freeing up their time for growth. It takes 3 minutes to sign up, connect your listing tool, and hit the ground running with transparent pricing.

“Deliverr also offered a 2-day free shipping badge on our products which was in huge demand from Walmart customers.” – Hamza Ramzan

2-day shipping tags were a big draw for good reason. Online shoppers have come to demand fast shipping, with marketplace giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart understanding how vital it is to provide it. They lead to sales growth, higher conversion rates, customer loyalty, and many more benefits.

3-figure sales to 4-figures with minimal effort

According to Hamza, before Deliverr they were struggling with low, inconsistent 3-figure sales per day. They weren’t using any tools or growth levers.

“Immediately after activating 2-day shipping, sales started picking up with minimal effort. We reached 4-figure sales per day within a month of working with Deliverr. About a 900% increase.” -Hamza Ramzan

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping helped them boost their sales thanks to a number of factors, including boosts in visibility and filter inclusion that leads to prominence over listings without fast shipping tags.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those below.

  • Boosts in visibility: When you have a Free 2-day shipping tag, it not only draws attention with the bright green colors, it also helps your listings rank higher in search.
  • Filter inclusion: When last-minute shoppers, or shoppers who have come to expect fast shipping, filter for 2-day shipping, your listings will show up among a smaller seller pool, reducing your competition to only sellers who are on Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping.

Test new products with Walmart Performance Ads (now Walmart Sponsored products)

“When launching new products, it’s hard to gain relevance in a marketplace like Walmart as competitor listings have a sales history often built up from months or years of selling.” -Hamza Ramzan

Walmart Performance Ads are vital for eCommerce sellers who are focused on growth, because they allow you to launch products quickly and get those products in front of buyers fast. Since you only pay when someone clicks, it’s a good way to test those new products affordably.

Equinox was able to take advantage of Walmart Performance Ads as all sellers on Deliverr do. They were able to use this marketing tool to successfully test out new products.

“Activating sponsored products not only increased sales, but helped us launch new products on Walmart immediately…We saw sales for new products the same day we launched with sponsored product ads.” -Hamza Ramzan

Performance ads allow you to highlight your listings in relevant search results. They can appear in search/browse results, product detail pages, and category pages. Also, since competition on Walmart is lower than on Amazon, CPC costs can be significantly lower.

“Walmart Performance Ads allows us to show up for relevant high-traffic keywords immediately. Combine this with a Free 2-Day Shipping tags and customers love our listings.” -Hamza Ramzan

Bottom line: Use Walmart Performance Ads to rapidly test new products and see how they do, then iterate quickly from there.

The Deliverr experience

“I love the communication with Deliverr. In the rare events when there are issues or concerns, Deliverr is always ready to hear you out and help you. They are consistently improving and always asking for feedback and they actually implement your suggestions. They really want you, the seller, to grow in marketplaces.” -Hamza Ramzan

Joining Walmart 2-day delivery, getting fast shipping tags on your listings, and using Walmart Sponsored Products are all smart ways to grow your business on Walmart. If you fulfill through Deliverr, you get pre-approved access to these tools, and you and your customers can enjoy a hassle-free deliveries.

Equinox International uses our GeekSeller integration.

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