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From 0-800: How Earthwise Bags built a following on Walmart

Earthwise Bags provides totes and reusable bags that are good for the environment. With a healthy catalog and custom bags available, they need a quick and reliable way to get their useful products to clients.

On Amazon, Earthwise Bags does well and is ranked at 1,910 over all Amazon sellers. But they wanted to expand to other channels, such as Walmart.

Before working with Deliverr, they were self-fulfilling Walmart orders and using Amazon Multi-Channel FBA for eBay orders.

Today, all of their items have Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping tags, a program they were pre-approved for since they started fulfilling with Deliverr.

Note: Earthwise uses Deliverr with our Sellbrite integration. See our integrations here.

From 0-800: How Earthwise Bags built a following on Walmart

We spoke with Ilan Joffe of Earthwise Bags to find out how their sales have grown after activating Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping.

Before and after fast shipping tags

“What attracted us to Deliverr was the ability to have Walmart orders fulfilled at a reasonable cost, as well as the opportunity to get pre-approved into the 2-day delivery program for Walmart.” – Ilan Joffe

Earthwise Bags was wise to leverage fast shipping for their listings, and this strategic move paid off. Before fulfilling with Deliverr and activating Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, they got “just a couple of orders per week.” Today, they get “around 800 orders per month on Walmart.”

“Since activating the 2-day shipping tags and adding Deliverr as our fulfillment for Walmart, we are getting around 800 orders per month on Walmart.” – Ilan Joffe

This huge boost in sales comes from a number of factors, including…

  • Increase in visibility. Another Deliverr seller jumped to the top of Walmart search after activating 2-day tags.
  • Decreased competition. When last-minute shoppers, or shoppers who want their items as soon as possible filter for shipping speed, you automatically beat out all your competition who aren’t offering 2-day shipping.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. When your buyers get their orders quickly, hassle-free, and reliably, they turn into loyal customers.
  • Access to Sponsored Products. Earthwise Bags has “definitely seen a big increase in our sales on Walmart” after utilizing Walmart Performance Ads.

Prominence in search

When you look up “reusable shopping bags” on Walmart, Earthwise Bags commands the number 2 spot (the top spot goes to a Walmart-owned item). When competing with 1,000 other results, this is a highly valuable advantage.

Earthwise Bags in number 2 spot on search

Even more impressive, when someone filters for 2-day shipping, Earthwise Bags shows up with 15 listings out of the 40 shown on the first page. That means they own 37.5% of search results for this term, when shoppers filter for 2-day shipping.

Search result dominance from Earthwise Bags


The Deliverr experience

“Our favorite part of working with Deliverr is the ease and speed of fulfillment of our Walmart orders. Being able to access Walmart’s 2-day program has been a big plus and we have had great customer service from Deliverr.” – Ilan Joffe

Thanks to a great product, promise of fast shipping, and a seamless, hassle-free fulfillment process, Earthwise Bags is doing better than ever on Walmart Marketplace. We’re always happy to see our sellers utilizing marketplace tools like fast shipping tags to help them boost their businesses even further, and Earthwise is doing this expertly.

Earthwise Bags uses our Sellbrite integration.

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