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How Vasanti uses Shopify, partnerships, and fast shipping to boost sales

Vasanti Cosmetics is a line of higher performance skincare and cosmetics dedicated to making beauty feel good. When beauty feels good it’s inclusive, it’s cruelty free, and it doesn’t weigh you down.

Vasanti Cosmetics has always been about joyful beauty, the kind that makes you smile because it truly works and allows you to look like you and feel like you.

Vasanti uses Deliverr to fulfill orders around the U.S. from their Shopify website, so we spoke with Vasanti eCommerce Specialist Shane Jeyarajah to learn more about their business logistics, their online selling experience, and more.

Building a loyal following

When Vasanti started in the late 90’s, they simply couldn’t find beauty products that worked on their skin tones. There was a lack of choice and it was intimidating to go to a makeup counter. Vasanti’s mission to give beauty a happier meaning began in 1998 and they haven’t looked back since.

Here are a few ways they’ve taken their ethos and earned a loyal customer base from it.

1) Partnerships

When it comes to cosmetics, consumers can be skeptical about trying out new brands (especially online). The Vasanti team was able to find a way to work through this and jump start their business by working with retailers.

“As of 2019 – retail & partnerships consists of 80% of Vasanti’s business, and only 20% is from our online website.” – Shane, Vasanti Cosmetics

2) Paid advertising

In the past year, Vasanti has invested in paid media like Facebook marketing. “While it has worked, and nearly quadrupled our online sales, the main thing we have gained now is customer loyalty and how people now obsessed with our brand comfortably shop online.”

3) Customer satisfaction

At Vasanti Cosmetics, the customer is always right. They prioritize 100% customer satisfaction, and no matter what unavoidable mistakes are made in processing, website descriptions, fulfillment, or other things, they “ensure that the customer feels their problem has been resolved greater than what they would have expected.”

Finding what works for you

When asked about advice they would give to other sellers, Shane said, “patience is always key, especially when it comes to digital advertising. There are many different tactics out there, and they are all straightforward and easy-to-use, but what it comes down to is what works for your business.”

Discovering the best platform to sell on

Vasanti used Magento for 7 years, and BigCommerce for 2 years before switching to Shopify in early 2019.

“The main reason we made the switch is ease of use; we have a ton of people on our marketing team that can use Shopify without any knowledge of programming.” – Shane, Vasanti Cosmetics

Thanks to Shopify, the Vasanti team is able to manage everything from scratch and the start.

“Our website conversion rate has increased from 2% to 5% within the past year.” – Shane, Vasanti Cosmetics

Achieving fast shipping with Deliverr

Before Deliverr, Vasanti pick and packed orders themselves, and used a Canadian company to ship to US buyers. However, in early 2019, Vasanti’s U.S. orders increased significantly beyond their internal team’s capacity for in-house fulfillment.

“We had a few options out there, but what stood out most about Deliverr is their attempt to help with the marketing and business development side of things.” – Shane, Vasanti Cosmetics

Today, Vasanti offers 2-day shipping for purchases in the U.S. on several of their items. This is a great tactic to draw in shoppers, have them try the products quickly after purchase while there’s still excitement, and develop loyalty.

Check out how their 2-day promise is prominent in the buyers’ purchasing flow.

The 2-day delivery advantage

Having 2-day delivery on their Shopify store “certainly helps with conversion rates.” According to Shane, fast delivery “has been one of the most requested aspects from our customers.”

“We have seen an increase in items that do have 2-day badges showing and noticed their conversion rates increasing respectively.” – Shane, Vasanti Cosmetics

Vasanti has launched a marketing strategy around their 2-day delivery badge that includes remarketing ads and newsletters, which was a success when measured with a small test sample of shoppers. Next, they’ll show the 2-day badge benefits to their entire U.S. customer base.

The Deliverr experience

When asked why they liked working with Deliverr, Shane said “Quick and consistent service!”

Our partnership is built on trust and active response to issues. In addition to providing fast fulfillment of Vasanti Cosmetics, we try to stay on top whenever we run into problems.

“We do know there are always issues with fulfillment services and it’s definitely not uncommon, but Deliverr always seems to take care of any issues we do have in a quick & timely manner.”

Vasanti Cosmetics uses our Zentail integration.

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