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How to start selling on Target Plus: Everything sellers need to know

Target Plus is an invite-only online marketplace open to third-party sellers. Selling on Target Plus means you’re part of an exclusive, hand-picked selection of sellers and brands. You get access to a huge audience of online shoppers, without the seller competition you experience on Amazon or Walmart.

In this guide on how to sell on Target Plus, we cover everything you need to know about launching and succeeding on Target Plus.

Disclaimer; there is currently no application process or waiting list to join Target Plus. Deliverr can not currently help you get in to the program – however we have outlined tips below to put you in the best position should Target Plus invite applications. 

What is Target Plus?

Target Plus is an online marketplace for third-party sellers, run by American retail corporation Target.

The platform launched in February 2019 and was designed to expand the product selection on Target’s website with goods from third-party sellers.

Target didn’t want Target Plus to become another Amazon or Walmart. So, it launched as an invitation-only platform, full of hand-picked sellers and thoughtfully-selected products that guarantee shoppers quality and value.

The benefits of selling on Target Plus

Adding another sales channel to your portfolio might not be high on your to-do list, but there are huge benefits to being listed on Target Plus.

Diversify your revenue streams

Operating on multiple marketplaces means you have multiple revenue streams. This makes your business more resilient; In case something happens to one channel (like an Amazon suspension), you’ll still have enough revenue to fall back on.

Less competition

Being an invite-only platform means you have much less competition from other sellers on Target. Target Plus also offers sellers SKU exclusivity and works with you to determine the best assortment strategy to drive growth.

Brand backing

Target is the tenth largest retailer in the USA and a household name. This earns Target Plus an element of trust that is passed onto your store by association. It becomes easier to convert customers.

Buyer benefits

Not only is Target a household name that naturally attracts shoppers online, but Target Plus also offers buyers significant benefits, attracting new customers to the platform. REDcard members receive 5% off all items, free shipping, and in-store returns.

Seller benefits

Target Plus also offers attractive seller benefits, including a customizable storefront and in-store returns handling. Its business model is also straightforward, with no hidden fees and competitive referral rates.

Target Plus is a marketplace unlike no other, which means it’s a must-have in any multichannel strategy. The question is, how do you get onto Target Plus?

How to start selling on Target Plus

The beauty of selling on Target Plus is also the challenge: you have to wait to see if Target will ask you to become a seller. There is currently no application process or waiting list.

However, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of being selected to sell on Target Plus or to put you in the best position should Target Plus invite applications.

1. Boost your performance on other online marketplaces

Target specifically looks for established US businesses to approach for Target Plus. Therefore, you need to continue working on becoming a trusted brand and building a positive reputation across your other sales channels.

The key areas to focus on are:

  • The pre-purchase experience: Attracting customers to your brand and through the checkout, using a combination of high-quality products, reasonable prices, SEO, marketing, website development, and buyer experience techniques.
  • The post-purchase experience: Giving something positive to talk about and return for, using fast shipping speeds, proactive customer service, and generous returns policies.
  • Customer retention: Making it easy for customers to buy from you again, using customer retention marketing, user accounts, loyalty schemes, and customer communities such as Facebook Groups.

2. Source the right products for Target Plus

Target Plus is a curated selection of products that enhance the existing collection on Therefore, you need to sell the right items to gain acceptance to its gated program.

While Target hasn’t officially announced what products it looks for when inviting new sellers, we’ve dug deeper to find common traits of successful Target Plus SKUs. 

  • Best-in-class specialty: Target Plus talks about best-in-class specialty, which suggests products for specific niches and hobbies will perform well—for example, branded running trainers or musical instruments.
  • High quality: Target repeatedly references higher quality products when talking about Target Plus. Your products must outperform the existing products sold by Target, which might mean additional functions, branded names, or better durability.
  • Value: To compete in the online world, Target must remain valuable. Therefore, price your products at parity with other sales channels.

Tip: Target Plus offers consumers the opportunity to spend a little more on higher-quality products when the situation calls for it. For example, if you take up running, you’d want decent running shoes.

3. Optimize your fulfillment for Target Plus

When selling on Target Plus, you must ship orders within 24 hours to be received by the customer within 5-days.

As you’re probably thinking, these speeds aren’t very competitive compared to Walmart and Amazon. This is one of the biggest downfalls of the platform. It’s also one of your biggest opportunities.

By optimizing your fulfillment infrastructure to deliver orders within 2-days or the next-day, you immediately become incredibly attractive to the Target Plus team.

Tip: If you’re a Deliverr merchant, you can fulfill Target Plus orders at 2-day or next-day delivery speeds with our Acenda or ChannelAdvisor integrations.

4. Increase brand exposure

For optimal chance of acceptance it’s in your interest to maximize your brand exposure. For example, a household or up-and-coming brand will resonate with Target Plus’ business development managers more than that of an unknown brand.

Existing marketplaces

Qualify for fast shipping programs such as Walmart TwoDay and eBay Fast ‘N Free to ensure your listings are at the top of the search results and dominating the buy box.


Optimize your Shopify or BigCommerce platform for Google using SEO techniques and Google Shopping Ads.

Social media

Increase your social media presence by setting up Facebook and Instagram Shops and using dynamic shipping tags on your social media ads. Even better, expand your marketing strategy to new and unique channels, including TikTok, Reddit, and Quora.

Read: An introduction to Instagram Shopping

Wrapping up

Target Plus is a sales channel that few sellers have heard of…yet.

With brilliant buyer and seller benefits, Target Plus will only increase in popularity over the coming years. While you can’t apply to be on the marketplace just yet, you can optimize your store ready for selection or application.

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