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How Kassa increased sales 917% by expanding sales channels with Deliverr

Deliverr merchant Kassa sells unique arts & crafts products like chalk markers & chalkboard contact paper, whiteboard stickers, adhesive & heat transfer vinyl, and watercolor supplies. Their mission is to encourage creativity by supplying the world with high-quality colorful products. Kassa believes artistic expression enriches people’s lives in countless ways. They created a growing global community (85,000 on Instagram alone) of aspiring artists, crafters, DIYers, moms & kids.

We spoke with Kassa Co-Founder Eugene Pepsh to learn more about their story and how they’re using fast delivery across channels to delight their customers.

In this case study you will learn more about how Kasa used Deliverr to save time, have a reliable backup to FBA restrictions, and grow sales 900%+ with fast fulfillment.

Optimizing fulfillment for multi-channel sales

Before Deliverr, Kassa pulled in orders from different marketplaces using ShipStation, would order shipping supplies from eBay, and packaged every order in their office by hand.

This was a time-consuming process that required multiple team members and wasn’t scalable as they grew and expanded across marketplaces. Eugene knew Kassa had to find a better solution, and so they turned to Deliverr,

According to Eugene, “the time savings from not having to fulfill orders every day yourself has allowed us to focus more on growing our bottom line while allowing Deliverr to handle the day-to-day fulfillment operations.”

Unifying inventory across marketplaces

“Deliverr allows us to use the same inventory across many marketplaces. This makes managing inventory a million times easier than allocating inventory for each marketplace separately.” – Eugene Pepsh

Today, Kassa is using Deliverr to fulfill their orders on Walmart Marketplace, eBay, Shopify, Amazon (FBM), Etsy, and Wish. Talk about a multi-channel experience!

Affordable unified fulfillment

“For items that weigh more than 1 lbs, the standard shipping cost with Deliverr was less than even fulfilling it ourselves.” – Eugene Pepsh

Kassa is based in New York, so shipping to the West Coast (ex. California) was more expensive than having their inventory spread out and closer to demand in the Deliverr network.

Thanks to the multiple warehouse locations they leverage through Deliverr, their inventory is as close as possible to their buyers, at a fraction of the cost. This enables affordable, fast, nationwide delivery for Kassa.

Using FBM as a backup for FBA

“When an item runs out of stock and we are waiting for a shipment to be processed & received by Amazon, we turn on FBM using Deliverr to avoid going out of stock and continue selling our product. Before Deliverr, we tried doing FBM manually from our office, it took a full shift to package all the orders. Now, it only takes a few clicks to get Deliverr to handle the fulfillment when needed.” – Eugene Pepsh

Kassa sells on Amazon via FBA, but they also use Deliverr for FBM orders. They send their items directly from our suppliers to Amazon warehouses for fulfillment, but “since the start of the pandemic, Amazon has placed limits on the inventory we can send to their warehouses. There has also been a lot of delays in processing shipments & receiving inventory. These issues have caused some of our SKUs to run out of stock on Amazon from time-to-time.”

Investing in a backup fulfillment option helped Kassa provide a reliable and steady supply of items for their customers, even with FBA limiting inbounds and extending delivery times.

Leveraging Deliverr’s partnerships

“The less software we use, the less the chance of something going wrong. It’s nice to have our fulfillment software connect directly to the marketplace instead of needing more software to act as a middle man.” – Eugene Pepsh

The growing number of Deliverr integrations was a big reason Kassa decided to work with us. They were also able to take advantage of some of our unique partnerships to boost their bottom line.

Activating fast fulfillment for 917% growth in 2020, and 448% growth in 2021

“Deliverr had a unique partnership with Walmart that allowed us 2-day shipping with very low shipping costs. Our profit margins increased compared to shipping the items from our office. Our sales on Walmart increased from the ability to offer 2-day nationwide shipping.” – Eugene Pepsh

Kassa activated fast fulfillment on with Deliverr, and saw 917% growth in 2020 compared with 2019.

“So far 2021 is pacing to grow 448% compared to 2020.” – Eugene Pepsh

Saving time to invest in growth

“By switching to Deliverr, we saved 10-15 hours of work and were able to use that time to have our team focus more on our marketing effort and grow our brand and the bottom line.” – Eugene Pepsh

The biggest reason Kassa joined Deliverr was to save time on in-house fulfillment.

One of the smartest things that a merchant can do is outsource the eCommerce tasks they aren’t experts in, and invest more time in their company growth. We’ve seen plenty of successful businesses save loads of time by outsourcing fulfillment — something that’s tiresome and time-draining for them — and investing in their brand, story, and marketing.

The Deliverr experience

According to Eugene Pepsh, his “favorite part of working with Deliverr is how simple everything has been. We haven’t had any major issues. Deliverr support staff has been very responsive. If we ever needed to escalate an issue, our account manager, Tyler was quick to respond and help us. Deliverr is a platform that really helps alleviate some issues for seller and does not create any complications.”

We look forward to serving more amazing merchants like Eugene and Kassa on their mission to create a glowing buyer experience that their customers keep coming back for.

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