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What listing tools can you use with Target Plus?

Target Plus is one of the hottest sales channels at the moment, consisting of an exclusive, hand-picked selection of sellers and products.

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to the platform, then the following listing tools will help you maximize performance by increasing efficiencies, reducing errors, and optimizing your listings for success.

What is Target Plus?

If you’re not in the know, then let us explain more about Target Plus.

Target Plus is a marketplace run by Target for third-party sellers. It aims to expand and enhance the existing shopping experience on with a hand-picked selection of high-quality, value products.

The marketplace is proving popular with eCommerce sellers, thanks to:

  • The Target brand: Attracting millions of shoppers and loyal customers
  • Less competition: Fewer sellers on the platform and SKU exclusivity for partners
  • Customer perks: 5% off purchases, free shipping, and in-store returns for REDcard members
  • Seller tools: Customizable storefronts, returns handling, and no hidden fees

How to sell on Target Plus

Getting onto Target Plus might be challenging, but selling on the platform is easy.

Getting onto Target Plus

Target Plus is an invitation-only platform, meaning you must wait for Target to contact you directly.

However, you can increase your chances of being invited to sell on Target Plus by:

  • Boosting your performance on other marketplaces
  • Sourcing high-quality and best-in-class products
  • Meeting and exceeding Target’s fulfillment criteria (24-hour dispatch and 5-day delivery)
  • Increasing brand exposure

Listing products

Once you’re invited to Target Plus, you can begin creating your storefront and listing products.

A Target Plus listing tool helps with this task by:

  • Automatically copying listings from your existing sales channels
  • Optimizing listings for Target Plus’ categories, tags, and requirements
  • Identifying errors and content gaps before a listing goes live
  • Syncing your inventory levels in real-time so you don’t go out of stock

This increases efficiency, giving you more time to concentrate on building your storefront and sourcing products.

Processing and fulfilling orders

Most listing tools help with order processing and fulfillment too. They do this by sending orders to your fulfillment partner, synchronizing inventory across your sales channels, and updating order status.

As you can imagine, this saves significant time and gives you the confidence and ability to run multiple sales channels simultaneously.

What listing tools can you use on Target Plus?

You can use one of three approved listing tools to list products on Target Plus.

1) Acenda

Acenda is a cloud-based listing tool targeted to brand manufacturers who want to embrace D2C commerce.

The significant benefits of using Acenda to list products to Target Plus are:

  • Multi-channel integrations: Acenda integrates Target Plus with your existing Amazon, Walmart, and eBay stores
  • Product content optimization: Acenda’s product content database uses complex product schemas and advanced attribution to quickly create and manage listings while identifying and reducing errors
  • Order management: The order management system gives you centralized control over the entire order lifecycle, including orders, fulfillment, returns, and credits
  • Inventory and pricing: Sellers can use Acenda to manage and sync product stock and prices, and fulfill orders via Deliverr
  • Reporting: The performance dashboard tracks KPIs across multiple metrics, allowing you to report on sales, advertising, SEO, and fulfillment

Pricing: Acenda offers a free 30-day trial, and subscriptions start from $180 per month.

Deliverr merchants can use our Acenda integration to connect with Target Plus and offer next-day and 2-day delivery on the marketplace.

2) ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor is a centralized eCommerce platform that helps brands manage their marketplaces, marketing, retailers, dropshipping, and fulfillment needs from one location.

The standout features of using ChannelAdvisor as a Target Plus listing tool are:

  • Multi-channel integrations: ChannelAdvisor integrates with over 100 different marketplaces across the world, including Walmart, Wish, Shopify, and BigCommerce
  • Listings: The listing and order management tool pushes listings from the platform to multiple marketplaces, including Target Plus
  • Orders and fulfillment: ChannelAdvisor enables you to consolidate your order, inventory, and fulfillment processes into one platform
  • Digital marketing: The digital marketing suite helps sellers automate and optimize advertising campaigns across search engines, social media, and marketplaces
  • First-party functionality: ChannelAdvisor helps you run and support wholesale and dropship orders

Pricing: ChannelAdvisor charges a set-up fee and takes an ongoing percentage of sales through the platform.

Deliverr merchants can use our ChannelAdvisor integration to connect with Target Plus and offer next-day and 2-day delivery on the marketplace.

3) Feedonomics

Feedonomics is a full-service product platform feed. It pulls products from your existing shopping platform, feed file, or custom site to optimize product data and automatically list products on Target Plus.

The major benefits of using Feedonomics to list to Target Plus include:

  • Multi-channel integrations: Feedonomics pushes listings to channels including Target Plus, Amazon, Facebook, and Walmart
  • Automation: FeedAMP automates listing and order management by automatically sending listings to marketplaces, retrieving orders, and sending updates
  • Product optimization: Feedonomics can process millions of SKUs in seconds, using artificial intelligence to categorize products and improve performance
  • Adwords: Sellers can create inventory-aware Adwords campaigns that dynamically insert product attributes into your ad copy
  • A/B testing: The platform can split test any listing attribute to maximize performance and identify content gaps

Pricing: Feedonomics operates a customized pricing structure based on your SKU count. There’s no revenue share or long-term contract.

How to connect your Target Plus listing tool

The way to connect your listing tool with Target Plus largely depends on the platform you’re using. Some of the basic steps are:

  1. Get your REST API details from your Target seller account.
  2. Add Target Plus as a sales channel on your listing tool.
  3. Approve third-party access on Target.

It’s always a good idea to test the integration with a dummy listing and order before making the change live.

If you’re new to Deliverr, you must also connect your Deliverr account with Acenda. To do this:

  1. Get your Acenda store ID (the value immediately following in your Acenda URL). 
  2. Subscribe to Deliverr from the Acenda Service Library.
  3. Save and then edit the new service. 
  4. Click Run and copy the generated API key. 
  5. Enter the store ID and API key onto the Deliverr sign-up page, and click Connect


Target Plus is an up-and-coming sales channel that can significantly boost brand awareness, sales, and customer numbers, if you’re lucky enough to be invited.

These listing tools will help you manage Target Plus alongside your existing marketplaces and eCommerce platform, so you never miss an opportunity to list, sell, or impress.

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