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Phone Case

3 x 2 x 4 in
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Protein Powder

6 x 5 x 4 in
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Espresso Machine

12 x 11 x 8 in
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Computer Monitor

23 x 16 x 7 in
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Fast and reliable shipping powered by the largest independent warehouse network.

When your customers purchase your items, they unlock fast standard shipping as we distribute your inventory across multiple warehouses.

Consolidate all your inventory in one place.

Consolidate all your inventory for all websites and marketplaces in one place using Deliverr to fulfill your Etsy orders.

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List your first item for just $0.20 – you only pay transaction, payment processing, and offsite advertising fees when you make a sale.

Powerful Tools

Etsy provides tools and services to make it easy to manage, promote, and grow your business.

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Pick the items you want to send, and Deliverr will guide you step-by-step on how to ship to us. You can even use our discounted shipping rates!


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How to Connect Your Etsy and Deliverr Accounts?

  • For current Deliverr merchants: Go to the integrations section in Sellers Portal and select Etsy. You will then be redirected to Etsy to allow access to Deliverr, please follow the steps to connect your integration.
  • For new Deliverr merchants: you will be directed in the onboarding steps to connect to Etsy. You will then be redirected to Etsy to allow access to Deliverr, please follow the steps to connect your integration.
  • For detailed information, please visit our help center article.

What should I do if my Etsy listing did not import into my Deliverr product catalog?

  • Simply go to Seller Portal and click Import Products. This will start the import catalog process for all of your active integrations.
  • A common issue why your listing or the variations on your listings do not import is because they do not have a SKU value. On the listing page in Etsy, go to the Variations section. Every variation should have a SKU value. If you do not see SKU as a column, then click ‘Edit variations’ and enable ‘SKUs can vary for each …’ and ‘Quantities can vary for each …’.
  • Still doesn’t have your listing imported? Read our article How can I add new products to Deliverr? for additional reasons why your product/listing may not import.

How to create an Etsy Shipping Profile for Delilverr?

  • In Etsy Shop Manager, go to Shipping Settings and then ‘Add Profile’, and build the new shipping profile (you can find detailed setting in this article).
  • Finally, go through all of your Etsy listings.
    • For listings you do want to fulfill with Deliverr, check that they are using the ‘Deliverr Shipping Profile’.
    • For listings you do not want to fulfill with Deliverr, make sure they are using another shipping profile or custom shipping settings that you set.
  • You can follow through a detailed set up process here.
  • By default, Deliverr will import Etsy orders and assign them the ‘Standard’ service level agreement in Deliverr. This means we fulfill the order with the ‘Standard’ shipping SLA (service level agreement) and charge you, the merchant, the ‘Standard’ fulfillment fee for that order.
  • If you’d like to offer your customers other shipping options (which will then map to other service levels and fulfillment fees in Deliverr), please read Set Shipping Upgrades in Etsy and Map to Service Levels in Deliverr after you set up a profile below.

How do I set shipping upgrades in Etsy and Map to Service Levels in Deliverr?

  • Deliverr defaults to Standard shipping for all Etsy orders that we import from your connection. If you want to offer the ability for your customers to purchase a faster shipping speed, then you will have to enable shipping upgrades in Etsy and map them in Deliverr to the appropriate service level as explained in this article.

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